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General Information

MorphOS has two separate printing systems... etc etc

Output Devices


This option allows any Hardware Compatible PostScript printer, with a printer's compatible PPD file installed in the System:Preferences/ Printers (which is NOT the PRINTER Preferences option) with a USB2 port to be able to direct its output as PostScript data using the USBPAR: device, which is by default NOT installed in the default setup of MorphOS, and requires the USBPAR: device to be transferred from the MOSSYS: (MorphOS root directory inside the System: otherwise known as SYS: folder) from within the Storage/DOSDrivers folder to the DEVS:DOSDrivers folder of the main System (SYS:) partition.


The NETPAR: device can be used to print directly to network attached printers...

Configure a network connected printer from the NetPrinter settings in the MorphOS Preferences application...

Mount the NETPAR: device by....


PostScript output via TurboPrint by using GhostScript...

Setting Up a Printer


Open the Printer preferences from the MorphOS Preferences application...


Open the Printers preferences from the MorphOS Preferences application...

Printing From Applications